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NEW: Small infinity now shipping both aluminium and stainless steel back plates. Now those divers of 160-165 cm or less can have an Infinity system that fits them better than the standard size.
The Halcyon Quick-adjust harness also available for small plates. The Cinch can be used with single or double tanks and allows easy harness adjustability while avoiding “quick-release” buckles and dangling webbing. Simply push or pull the webbing and your size adjustment is complete. This quick, easy-fit system allows divers to size a snug harness without compromising easy removability. It is also ideal for student training and rental departments, or for divers that wear suits of varying thickness. The system is easily adjustable in or out of the water, making it ideal for convenient, in-water equipment removal. The Cinch is also very effective during emergency situations.
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Halcyon Hot Tips

Don't Get Left Behind. Do you have the right Surface Marker Buoy for your environment? Your marker buoy should be tall enough to be viewed over swells, and Halcyon makes one of the top markers in the industry, our 6-ft CC DAM.

Halcyon is heating things up! Introducing our drysuit Heater Packs for divers who need a little extra warmth on their dives.

Cutting edge. Go to the end of the line in low-profile style with the new Explorer Knife.